giovedì 8 settembre 2016

La paura dell'interrogazione

Risultati immagini per interrogazione

L'interrogazione non deve incutere timore, ma entusiasmo per l'imminente gratificazione derivante dalla consapevolezza del nuovo sapere.


Assessment for learning should be part of effective planning of teaching and learning.

A teacher’s planning should provide opportunities for both learner and teacher to obtain and use information about progress towards learning goals.... assessment for learning should be recognised as central to classroom practice.

Much of what teachers and learners do in classrooms can be described as assessment. 

That is tasks and questions prompt learners to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and skills.

What learners say and do in then observed and interpreted and judgements are made about how learning can be improved.

These assessment processes are an essential part of everyday classroom practice and involve both teachers and learners in reflection, dialogue and decision-making.
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