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Le buone maniere

 Risultati immagini per etiquette

Le buone maniere non si scelgono; fanno parte del modo di essere di una persona; sono uno stile di vita.

Capita spesso di ascoltare proclami di cambiamento; il risultato è sempre lo stesso: tutto come prima.

La vera ragione sta nel fatto che è difficile cambiare senza un vero movente.

Una vecchia canzone di Lucio Battisti diceva: "Può uno scoglio arginare il mare?".

Ovviamente, no!

Però, il mare non può improvvisamente spostare uno scoglio!
Risultati immagini per etiquette
Raccontandolo in inglese...............
Since the beginning of recorded history, manners have played an important role in behavior.

Today we shake hands automatically, but the custom started in the middle ages. 

When two men met, they extended their right hands and shook hands to show that they did not intend to use their swords. 

It was a display of courtesy and friendship.
What is the origin of the word etiquette?

 It comes from an old French word meaning ticket. 

Later it came to mean a prescribed routine. 

Today, etiquette is defined as “the forms, manners and ceremonies established by convention as acceptable or required in business and society.” 

It is a code of behavior based on kindness, consideration and unselfishness - something that should never change.

Francis Bacon said, “If a man can be gracious and courteous to strangers, it shows he is a citizen of the world.”

Charles I and II of England copied the rules of etiquette from the French court and the rules became the standard of behavior among aristocrats everywhere.

 As the motto of Winchester College at Oxford, says: “Manners make the man.”

The old etiquette books say things like, “Do not drink tea from a saucer;” and, “Wipe your dirty hands on bread in order not to soil the napkin.” History shows us that while specific customs may be
abandoned, having good manners will never go out of style.
Etiquette Today

It has been said that proper etiquette is the oil that greases the wheels of society. 

The same is true for business.
Today’s corporate climate is changing at a rapid pace, but the necessity of good manners remains constant. 

It is the golden key to success. 

As John D. Rockefeller once said, “The ability to get along with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar and coffee, and I pay more for that ability than any under the sun.”.

Graduate business schools may tell us that a “good education, good connections and a good suit” are all we need to succeed. But they have forgotten an essential ingredient - good manners. 

That is what produces better jobs, better clients and better relationships.

Many executives have impressive credentials, but lack the social skills that are necessary to reach their career objectives. 

More than one executive has risen to lofty heights only to be brought down because of the weight of arrogance, rudeness and impolite behavior. 

In the early 1900‘s, the statement Oliver Herford made to someone, “I don’t recall your name, but your manners are familiar” says it all: manners matter.
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