lunedì 4 agosto 2014

Reality is reality

I was on the bus today and witnessed a small incident.

There's a mentally disabled guy. 

I see him on the morning bus quite often.

He spends a lot of time searching under the seats for something.

But today the bus was pretty crowded...

And he had to stand up.

for one reason or another, he ended up stood without a hand-strap to hold onto...

And with a girl in rather revealing clothes in front of him.

Even from where I was sitting towards the back of the bus I could see him getting agitated...

his hands twitching.

Eventually he reached out with both hands towards the girls waist.

Luckily a high school boy noticed what was happening, grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him away just in time.

The girl never noticed. And that was it.

People desire sex.

This is perfectly natural.

And being handicapped...

Whether physically or mentally...

doesn't make it any different.

But people would like to think it's different.

Especially parents.

When it comes to sex, handicapped people are no different to others.

And his mother is an idiot for ignoring reality.

Sorry to put it bluntly. But it's true.

And the world, is unfortunately full of idiots.


What's the point?

Learn to see for things for what they are.

Reality is reality.

Open your eyes. Open your mind.

The world if FULL of things you'll never understand...

If you let your limiting beliefs, you become even more limiting prejudices.

by Julian
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