domenica 24 febbraio 2013

The beating heart

 Foto: E l’amore guardò il tempo e rise,
perché sapeva di non averne bisogno.
Finse di morire per un giorno,
e di rifiorire alla sera,
senza leggi da rispettare.
Si addormentò in un angolo di cuore
per un tempo che non esisteva.
Fuggì senza allontanarsi,
ritornò senza essere partito,
il tempo moriva e lui restava.

Luigi Pirandello
An ancient story tells of a man who had a sick child. He turned to all the places of the earth to find someone who was able to provide the right medicine to cure his beloved son.

After wandering in vain, he found himself talking to a Buddhist sage, who said he knew the medicine for his son, but the preparation needs a seed of any plant grown in the garden of a family that had no mourning or sad events.

The father decided to try this suit, so he visited many families. 

He found that in every family always hid some sadness, that none of the families he visited could hand over his suit.

He returned to the wise and sadly told of his failure.
Then, the wise man, understanding the pain of the father, said:

"How you could check, the pain is part of our lives. 

Learn to accept it and remember to look on the best side of the any situation. 

Pain is the manifestation of your soul that something is not right, but admits the possibility of a solution."

The father understood the instruction of the test, but he would not surrender.

He said: "There must be a way to heal my son!".

He knew of a group of "enlightened" that suggested a way to achieve miraculous results. 

Speaking with one of these, he knew:

“We are part of a universe which is in line with our desires. Whatever you want, you can get it!

The only condition, is to be convinced to desire what you want to achieve. Only the doubt, simply, determines the failure to achieve the goal.

The father asked: "What can I do physically to help my son?".

He was told: "Take a photo of your child smiling. Write on it how much you care, and  be convinced for the healing".

The father did not know where to get that conviction required by the enlightened, and because he did not want to risk failure, continued to look for. 

He found a Christian priest, who advised him to pray.

He spoke of heaven and so many beautiful stories, full of miracles. 

He, however, although non-practicing Christian, he could not delegate to the belief that serious task.
He tried to convince himself that something had to be done.

He had thought to turn to witches, magicians, fortune tellers, healers, but found that the operating system of these characters was based on money. 

Dejected because of the inability to see the light in the tunnel ahead of his love life, he decided to do what he wanted to do for long time but he had always postponed, to build a more comfortable future for his children.

Addressing the sick child, said:

"Honey, I'm going to stop with work, I'll be at home to play with you!”.

A long embrace hid the tears, but not his heart beating faster.

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