lunedì 17 dicembre 2012

What is better?

The Connecticut school shootings have re-opened the debate over the America's gun laws as long-term supporters of reform have issued calls for tighter controls.

But what impact, if any, will this tragic event have on the nation's gun laws?

Also what role does the media have in reporting on such events?

Many have criticized the media for paying too much attention on the killer and not enough on the victims.

There is something in human spirit that is out of  rationalization . 

What we do and what we think, are only  shadow of the same truth. 

Whatever would  be the reason for what we do and we think, the two dimensions of the life are separated. They run side by side and never meet. 

These two side of human behavior have been always existed and the philosophy had given them different  envelopes.

Arguing on what’s better, what’s more important for our discussion, it is only a formal  application  to justify the horrible event.

I believe the idea that no gun is useful regarding freedom. I wouldn’t be no more free with a gun in my hand.

If freedom  means life without rules, it is true for someone to feel limited.
I hear the train whistling, I can translate it in my mind with a lack of  freedom.

The poor train is forced  to run on  the rail way!

What I want the say  is that since ones  does not use his heart in the relationship, he will need too much things to find himself free.

Surfing Internet you can find a lot of pleasant news about lovely actions o feeling, but few bad ones.
Where is the problem?

Scary events get much more attention on media which have to make profit and control the mind  of poor people.

They can controll of the mind! What I mean is not hypnosis, but the easiest way to offer others the mind: “YOU THINK USING MY MIND” so I can help you choosing what you like, and consequentially, what you do.

Paying too much attention on the victims seems to be untested, always possible for future time, maybe  when  audience  is getting down or in setting up talk show.
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