sabato 24 novembre 2012


If I were to elect the most important word whose meaning is perfectly clear and tacitly accepted, this would be "hypocrisy".

Hypocrisy is a river that flows through the valleys of the formalities, through public places, cultivated fields with indifference and feeds into the sea of poverty of values.

Often we ask for:

"I have to tell the truth or, I should be formal, elegant look nice and saying what my partner wants to hear?"

If you have never had this question, then either you are someone special, or you are an adventurer, a hunter of trouble.

Being a hypocrite is easy, convenient and healthy.

The hypocrite has many "friends", and often makes career using the art of diplomacy, mediation.

He is a great talker.

The creeping, silent, cowardly hypocrites, very reminiscent of, the sophists of ancient Greece.

The Sophists were teachers of the apparent virtues, which were paid for their services.

They were insultingly called "whore culture".

The focus of their teaching was the rhetoric, by which, they practised the student with the kind of moral useful to achieve specific purposes.

Taught to be lawyers, rebuilders and the justifier of events reported, they were very good teachers for active citizens, political activists, professional persuaders.
In modern society, they would take on the "public relations".

For this task, it is compulsory the use of the suits and ties, preferably signed, luxurious surroundings, and a printed smile on the face.

The hypocrite is the mummy who lives in the present, he is conscious of working in a fraudulent manner, but he does not give up.

Many times he gets little advantage in the situations, but because of their mental laziness or inertia, they continue to maintain the same costume.

When hypocrisy is discovered, his attitude is gelatinous; he uses puerile explanations based on noble sentiments and universal values.

Just like the jelly in his hands, their hands are dirty and there is nothing to grasp and to clean. 

On one occasion, I asked to the hapless hypocrite, what pushed him to carry on in that way.

The answer was easily predictable: "The way I do is like that of many of us.

We adapt to the circumstances to make the best in any bad situation.

Getting angry is pointless, and working for changing the order of events is like emptying the sea with a bucket, there is always someone who does it for you takes the place of your own!

If you want to console you, you can always complain to what others do or not do evil.

I would be too I hypocritical, if I had not replied as follows:

"Dear friend, I spontaneously arises the desire to blow beautiful raspberry, but I have too much respect for myself, to get these low levels.

I believe that adjust to agrre withe you is a bit to die inside my soul.

I love give something to everyone and get back a simply smile.

I'll not become rich, but in that moment, I'll feel good. "

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