venerdì 7 settembre 2012

Is it True?

Parlando dei giovani con gli occhi degli adulti, si richiama un sapore antico. 

Il gusto è quello di un caffè corretto con liquore dolce.

Il sapore amaro si nasconde dietro la dolcezza del liquore e l'ebbrezza dell'alcool fa leva sulla nostalgia. 

Il colore nero e il profumo rimangono del caffè per cui, discutendo della miscela, si rischia di opinare o di argomentare per presunzione.

Per cercare di riflettere sul mondo dei giovani, senza congetture, proverei a filtrarlo con la difficoltà imposta dalla lingua straniera, in modo che la concetrazione focalizzi il significato oggettivo delle parole e non quello travisabile dalla nostra psicologia.

Eccone un saggio:

"Youth is associated with innocence, beauty, good health, energy, idealism, curiosity, immaturity, inexperience and rebellion. 

However, the descriptions of character relate more closely to fiction than to reality since in many cases particularly in large cities, youngsters today engage in vandalism, joy-riding or even drug-trafficking, yet magistrates in Spain are asking for tougher sentencing powers to combat juvenile crime. Many young teenagers are now experienced offenders.

If you go out on any Saturday night you will see quite a few drunken young people although underage drinking is illegal. 

They buy bottles of booze and Coke or orangeade in a supermarket and then later go to the beach or a public park or city square for the sole purpose of drinking until they become legless. 

This then causes brawls and fights among them or between rival groups. Neighbors often complain about the noise and the litter.

Drugs are another major problem nowadays. There are drug traffickers in schools selling to anybody who will buy their products or even worse, introducing youngsters to them. It is considered fashionable and so, many kids may well get hooked unless they are strong and can say NO to them.

Smoking is another problem which the government is trying to solve. Although they all know the dangers to health it is considered fashionable and sociable to smoke and a lot of kids get hooked. 

Commercials are aired on TV saying it's brave to say NO.

All these issues may come from the fact that teenagers are supposed to be rebellious. They often like to defy rules and regulations. Little do they know that they will pay for their defiance in the future. 

They usually do badly at school and so lose the option of further education, having to opt for menial badly-paid jobs instead of cushy ones.

Of course not all of them are like that. Thank goodness there are many who take their life seriously and are able to combine having a good time with their schooling. 

They will have good jobs and a comfortable life in the future because they have used their time sensibly.

Fashion has a lot to do with music. Teenagers want to be different yet they also want to belong to a group, and this means that the sort of music they listen to will affect their appearance in many cases. 

A kid who enjoys rap will probably want to wear the clothes associated with this kind of music. If another is keen on punk he is likely to have spiky bright green and blue hair.

Some people say that kids today have it "to easy". 

In the past, youngsters had to work at a very young age to help their parents. For example, many left school at 14 and went on to train on building sites and at hairdresser's.

They had to sacrifice their youth for their parents well-being. Because of this fact, when these kids grew up and had kids of their own they decided that an education was the best thing that they could give their children and so, gave them all the opportunities money could offer them.

Children today have everything from encyclopedias to PC'S and internet. They have a lot of material things and in a way... this could mean that they have few aspirations. 

If they want something they just ask for it and they usually get it within reason of course. This boils down to the fact that many kids today have become lazy and do not appreciate their parents like they should. 

They can also be quite bored which means that they then turn to drinking and drugs to get their "kicks".

In many cases, parent-children relationships deteriorate when the kids reach puberty, they claim that their parents are "out of touch" and "oldies" and usually argue a lot. 

The children usually forget one very important thing, their parents are sacrificing their lives and their freedom for them, parents want the best for their kids, they want them to have the best of everything and all the opportunities that they never had so that their future is even better. And this is a great investment, and like any investment they will protect it forever.

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