martedì 4 settembre 2012

Danger Internet?

The Internet is a worldwide, publicly accessible network of networks. 

It enables individuals and businesses alike, through interconnected computer networks, to share information, resources, and services.

It was thought for scientific, educational and military research purpose but in 1991, regulations changed to allow businesses and consumers to connect as well. 

The Internet has grown rapidly, and is now global. New technologies are continuously being developed that make the Internet easier and more attractive to use.

Online applications are available to the Internet user, including email, web browsing, streaming music and video, online gaming, and instant messaging.

The way people interact, share information, and even do business is changing to keep up with the continuous evolution of this global network. 

The Internet is creating a wider audience and consumer base for whatever message, product or service can be delivered. 

For many businesses, having Internet access has become critical, not only for communication, but also just for day-to-day operation. Some of the business uses of the Internet include:

E-Commerce, Communications, Collaboration, learning, Training, entertainment and so on.

It provides lot of very useful utilities, such as : email services, web site hosting, management on e-commerce sites, file storage and transfer, message boards and blogs, streaming video and audio services.

Using Internet, in the next future, will be like getting a glass of water. It will be second nature for all of us.

Every section of the society will be transformed. All the services are going to be automatics and always ready to use.  

These news, apparently amazing, involve hidden dangers. 

They can hurt as sharp blades with no proper use. 

The humanity will have to respond in different mode about his loneliness. 

In the next future, the soul might miss itself in this new house.

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